Specialty Coaching Programs with Certified Professional Coaches

Federal Training Academy Upward Mobility coaching provides Feds guidance with resumé writing, federal government job search, interviewing skills, and overall career development.

  1. Upward Mobility Coaching ($425/hour, 3-hour minimum)
  2. Upward Mobility Subject-Matter Expert Prep ($250/hour)

DiSC™ Profile coaching evaluates individual and team assessments for optimal working relationships and communication.

  1. Individual DiSC™ assessment and report review ($449, 1 hour)
  2. Team DiSC™ assessment and review ($449/person, 5-person minimum, 3-hour workshop)

Emotional Intelligence coaching assesses your strengths and areas of growth in four critical areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

  1. Individual EI assessment and report review ($499, 1 hour)
  2. EI-specific coaching ($425/hour)
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