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These are changing and complicated times in today’s workforce. This course improves on-the-job decision making and clarifies complex situations. The small class size allows one-on-one guidance from our expert instructor as you discover an easy-to-use method to solve problems and boost this essential skill.

Increased trust produces better results. This course empowers aspiring leaders, and those already holding positions of authority, to improve this essential quality to create cohesive, consistent, and results-driven work environments. Transform your communication and collaboration skills and excel as the most-trusted colleague at work.

Motivation, engagement, and collaboration can make or break a workplace. If a leader is able to increase these 3 co-mingled essentials in the workplace, productivity will soar.

This course empowers aspiring leaders, and those already holding positions of authority, to improve these essentials to create motivated, engaged, and collaborative cultures. Maximize your impact with others and transform your workplace environment.

Ability to Analyze and Evaluate for Problem Solving
▣ Ability to Communicate Orally
▣ Ability to Communicate in Writing
▣ Ability to Coach and Mentor Others
Ability to Deal Effectively with Pressure
Ability to Plan and Organize
Ability to Work Effectively and Tactfully with Others
▣ Accountable and Resilient Teams
▣ Best Practices for Leading Virtual & Hybrid Meetings
▣ Boosting Motivation and Engagement
Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience
▣ Effective Team Building Skills
Essential Questions for Successful Solutions
Establishing a Productive and Positive Workplace Mindset (Learning Agility)
▣ Giving and Receiving Feedback
▣ Influencing for Results
▣ Leadership Development

  • Leadership Development: Executive and Senior Tier
  • Leadership Development: Mid-Level Tier
  • Leadership Development: New Supervisory Tier
  • Leadership Development: Non-Supervisory Tier for Aspiring Leaders
  • Leadership Development for People of Color
  • Leadership Development for Women

▣ Leading Change
▣ Mindful and Effective Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
▣ Practical Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace
▣ Presentation Skills

  • Presentation Skills: Core Level
  • Presentation Skills: Advanced Level
  • Virtual & Hybrid Presentation Skills

▣ Project Management

  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Management Fundamentals

Resolving Conflicts in a Positive and Constructive Manner

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