Ability to Plan and Organize

This course is designed to introduce you to planning and organization strategies and techniques. You will gain knowledge and understanding of professional and personal awareness to control your sense of perspective and manage crises. Enhance your time management capabilities as you explore individual, team, and organizational goal setting and prioritization. With renewed commitment to respectful collaboration and effective delegation, you will avoid common barriers to successful time management. As you apply the lessons and develop a specific action plan, you will effectively overcome professional challenges while increasing productivity and strengthening work-life balance.

Suggested Syllabus:

  • Participants receive an introductory email and pre-class assignment. (Optional)
  • Participants gather for a 3.5-hour virtual instructor-led training (VILT) session explaining key lessons.
  • Participants complete their individual assignments in between VILT sessions. (Individual assignments limited to 2 hours.)
  • Participants gather for a 3.5-hour VILT workshop to present their findings, receive feedback for real-world application, and share additional techniques.

Instructional Activities/Strategies:

  • Individual exercises, including self-assessments
  • Small group exercises
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Reflection
  • Practical application exercises
  • Instructor presentations
  • Facilitator and peer feedback
  • Knowledge checks
  • Action planning
  • Optional assignments for outside the classroom
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