Essential Questions for Successful Solutions

In this learning opportunity, you’ll:

  • Identify and engage in the five stages of the problem-solving model.
  • Enhance effective problem-solving skills by generating essential questions to obtain clarity, suggest solutions, establish common ground, build and strengthen relationships, and determine the needs of others. 
  • Learn when and how to apply questioning skills and innovative thinking while avoiding hidden traps during difficult situations.
  • Practice skills to improve problem solving and gain momentum while focusing on priorities during complex, and potentially overwhelming, processes to produce solutions for optimal results.
Suggested Syllabus: 

(Option 1): Participants gather for a 3.5-hour session explaining, in detail, how each of the five essential questions relate to the five stages of the problem-solving model. Each stage and question are paired, and details about why each pairing is useful and how to use the questions to drive productivity in practical problem solving are emphasized.

(Option 2): Participants gather for a 1-hour overview session revealing how five essential questions are mapped to the problem-solving model.

(Option 3):

    • Participants gather for a 3.5-hour virtual instructor-led training (VILT) session explaining key lessons
    • Participants complete their individual assignments and/or coaching in between VILT sessions (individual assignments/coaching limited to 2 hours)
    • Participants gather for a 3.5-hour VILT workshop to present their findings, receive feedback for real-world application, and share additional techniques

(Option 4): Custom solution

  This course addresses the following competencies:
Core Competencies Executive Core Qualifications
Accountability                             Oral Communication Building Coalitions
Conflict Management Problem Solving Leading Change
Creativity & Innovation Public Service Motivation Leading People
Decisiveness Strategic Thinking Results-Driven
Interpersonal Skills Team Building
Leveraging Diversity
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