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Delivery Options: Virtual, Classroom

Length: 3-day course

Tuition: $1495 per personIncludes electronic course materials, M.A.P. for habit-forming and lifelong learning, certificate, and access to our customer workshops. Travel costs are not included for in-house deliveries. Discounts are provided for groups, and 4 hours of customization are included.


Functional Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs), HR professionals, and career facilitators are encouraged to attend.


Through demonstration and discovery, you’ll see pros and cons of different facilitation styles – all in order to create your own. Learning leaders work best when they discover and embrace their innate strengths and use those to enhance the learning experience. When you leave this course, you’ll have a wider range of facilitation skills than you did before; but most importantly, you’ll have a higher level of self-confidence and effectiveness. Let’s shift leading training events from a chore to a joy!


  • Equip participants with skills to be effective facilitators as they practice the 8 KEY ELEMENTS of the proprietary LLU Facilitation Competency Model.
  • Develop CONFIDENCE when FACILITATING learning events.
  • Provide participants with KEY KNOWLEDGE, grounded in science, about BEST PRACTICES in facilitation.
  • Present the audience with a HIGH-LEVEL OVERVIEW of how adults learn.
  • Demonstrate how to CREATE LEARNING EVENTS based on current adult LEARNING THEORY.
  • Create a chance to immediately APPLY LEARNING BY FACILITATING SESSIONS in small groups, and then facilitating a whole group session.
  • Give and receive FEEDBACK to peers about the SESSIONS THEY DESIGN AND FACILITATE.


This is a 3-day course available in two formats. Facilitator delivers course:

  1. live in a virtual platform
  2. live in-house at your site

Maximum class size is 15 participants.

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