Resolving Conflicts in a Positive and Constructive Manner

Approach conflict confidently and comfortably with proven techniques shared in this insightful course as you earn an outstanding reputation for managing conflict positively and peacefully. Know when it is time to confront a challenge and which of the conflict resolution styles you should use to shape a supportive climate rather than a negative one. Explore common conflict triggers and quickly identify warning signals to best navigate sensitive dilemmas as you control the situation in a productive and safe manner. Learn how to listen and select appropriate communication tactics as you build trust and avoid escalation during conflict. This course provides practical guidance and techniques for immediate use to improve working relationships for long-term productivity and positive results in turbulent times.

Suggested Syllabus:

  • Participants receive an introductory email and pre-class assignment. (Optional)
  • Participants gather for a 3.5-hour virtual instructor-led training (VILT) session explaining key lessons.
  • Participants complete their individual assignments in between VILT sessions. (Individual assignments limited to 2 hours.)
  • Participants gather for a 3.5-hour VILT workshop to present their findings, receive feedback for real-world application, and share additional techniques.

Instructional Activities/Strategies:

  • Individual exercises, including personal assessments and checklists
  • Small group exercises
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Reflection
  • Practical application exercises
  • Instructor presentations
  • Facilitator and peer feedback
  • Knowledge checks
  • Action planning
  • Optional assignments for outside the classroom
  • Optional conflict management assessment and practical application (Note: The additional 3.5 hour session is recommended as the first of three sessions if chosen, and the session may be conducted separately from this course too. There are various assessment options, and each is conducted by an experienced and certified professional.)
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